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Get New Look For Chrome: Windows 8 Metro UI for Google Chrome Browser

Now you can apply Windows 8 Metro UI for Google Chrome Browser by using a smart extension called Awesome New Tab Page. A Single Google Chrome Extension can turn a browser is an even more powerful than it is or, in the majority of cases, make a space for customization. An example of this is Awesome New Tab Page which could become my future home screen in Google Chrome.

This is an extension that changes the empty tabs Chrome window into a space full of widgets, bookmarks and everything that your chrome browser have  into the style of Windows 8 Metro UI look. Each of them is a direct access to websites or online services, It is based on the applications and extensions you have installed on Chrome to fill spaces. For now it is in its infancy and some things still needs to work on but it is definitely an excellent idea. Not the first time it is proposed, but it is the best ever shown.

With this extension installed you can have access to most of Google products from one place, including a stick to make notes as you would in Windows, for example. The truth is that caught my attention however, I think it still lacks but are on the right track.

Windows 8 Metro UI for Google Chrome | Download Awesome New Tab Page from Chrome Web Store

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